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7 Easy and Fast Ways to Succeed Your Blog

Do not allow anyone to kill your passion for blogging! Yes, you may not be a professional blogger at the moment, but strive to pursue Lurn Summit Review goal. Remember that when you are new to any type of project, without a dedicated teacher, professional counselor, or training manual, you are bound to make mistakes. Yes, this is a fact you should be aware of before you begin.

I know you’re doing your best to go beyond the many typing problems and at the same time reach your goals and achieve your dreams through your blog. When I tell you: I know very well what you feel now. I have experienced the same feeling and experience.

It may seem like nothing positive happens to your business in the current period, but this is a very big lie you should never accept. There is so much that happens to you every day and it is an opportunity to learn and progress in your business.

So today I want your participation in 7 ways directly to the success of your blog. If you have launched your blog, allow me, with all modesty, to advise you to follow those guidelines. Of course, to follow these methods, does not mean immediate or easy result. The important thing here is simply that you have no complexity or confusion about them.

Lurn Summit
Lurn Summit

Let’s start right away …

1. Think and then start your work

Are you just a blogger or a project owner?

The only way you know this is the way you think. Most of the people who launched the WordPress blog on the Internet saw themselves as bloggers.

If you do not know, let me tell you all the successful online entrepreneurs you know have a different style of thinking.

No .. not something as amazing as you might think, but they see their blogs as an indispensable part of their business.

Most of these people even have duly registered companies outside the Internet. So when they come to the Internet and start a blog, they keep keeping the same business as if they are in real business and selling material products. You should see yourself as a real entrepreneur running a real company.

Yes, you are a blogger, but you do not have to stand in this position forever. There are many limits to being written, but being a blogger is a challenge for you to solve any kind of problems you face.

Do not just be a blogger write some postings, but be a problem solver. Be a manager, an organizer, a decision maker, an investor. Start thinking like that person, and it will not be long before you become him.

2. Get a coach from now

The title of LurnSummit article is “Direct”.

This means that this is a real thing, and I need you to be serious about it. You can determine your blogging success by using a loyal teacher for you today. Now, of course, assuming you do not have a special teacher.

This special teacher is supposed to be that person who has done the same thing that you intend to do in your mind – or close to it – and this faithful teacher will add to your life a lot.

He or she can help you prevent mistakes and lead you every step of the way to achieve your goals. By the way, do not use a private tutor before you make sure you have written your goals clearly and realistically on paper. Then give your goal to him (or her) and ask him for help and advice.

Do not do this type of blogging alone, otherwise you will end up complaining when you do not find things going the way you did. Can you succeed without a teacher? Of course you can .. but you will succeed faster and more enjoyable when you are under the guidance of a professional.

3. More than reading marketing materials

Yes, do not specify your readings only with electronic books and blogging .. There are some marketing materials that come in the form of audio, video, printed books, electronic courses .. What do you own from this ammunition? In order to find yourself in the midst of success as a gentleman, you must learn how to sell yourself professionally.

Surely you should also read some articles away from marketing, it will help you a lot. I just focus on the material that talks about marketing because when you become a professor in this article, nothing can stop you from achieving your dreams and making money online, bringing more targeted audience to your blog, and living the lifestyle you love as a business entrepreneur earning money from working on Internet.

4. Do not read every blog you know

I do not know how your face looks now after this advice, which contradicts previous advice, but it does not really matter right now, just as it matters to you to understand how the prioritization process looks to you. What really matters is your productivity and your blogging goal. There are thousands of blogs on the Internet, and this is a very big distraction, and why most people fail in their online work (real fact).

You should choose which blogs you will read regularly. Personally since the beginning of 2013, I have linked myself to 7 blogs with authority in the domain of my blog, of course, one of them.

It takes discipline to stick to this rule, but sticking to it will put you on the right track to reach your goal. To this day, after being committed to this rule, I’ve become more productive, writing when I want to, without clicking on any compelling blog.

If you really want to make money by blogging Make Money Blogging, discover the relevant blogs from which you can learn practical tips that can help you make that money, bring your blog to your blog, become influential in your industry, etc.

Choose the blogs that you read wisely from the different fields and formats that are blogged (blogs, videos, audios, books, etc.) because the writer you choose to follow may contribute to your success and may also hurt you.

5. Focus more on marketing than on writing

Listen to me at this point. When I tell you that since writing makes you a better person, a prolific blogger, and someone who pays attention, the marketing – for these blogging – will make you the top of the pyramid in your field. If you really understand what I’m saying about this post, you’ll notice the importance of putting your focus on marketing more than writing in and of itself.

The fact that you have to be aware – and recognized by any professional blogger – that it does not matter how much content you write is characterized by interest, excitement and confidence if not read by the target audience you .. In this case, you are doomed to failure inevitably.

You must write blog posts, books, and produce a lot of valuable content, but you must also know how to promote all of this production.

It’s very hard to find the best New York Times best writer, but you can almost always read about the best seller or bestseller in The New York Times. Bestseller or Bestselling Book .. Do you understand my destination? There is no value to what is produced if you can not market it correctly, to the target audience.

A writer who appeared in the New York Times is undoubtedly a good writer, but he is certainly not the best writer there is. Yet, this New York Times-based author has learned that Kiffa’s marketing is his most important decision to become rich.

A wonderful writer or successful blogger can fail. This is very likely. But the average writer, who can bring buyers to his production is already a successful writer. Very seriously, I prefer writing one post every week and bringing 10 readers to read it better than writing 100 entries and bringing only 50 readers to read it. What do you think?

6. Type the titles consistently

Blogging is really great, so if you click the Publish button, hundreds of people will read this content, publish it on their social networks, and help you publish and distribute it. Who among us – as bloggers – does not want this to happen for his 99% recitations all the time? Well, you can make the snowball roll over the hill, just if you choose the title, I mean, of course, your address.

Invest in enough time to write your post. Do not rush it. Do not be tired or bored to reformulate or improve or erase the first title you put. This will improve your production. Do you need to spend hours trying to create an attractive captivating title that brings you a lot of features with the Travik? Answer: Yes, but even so, wasting time is not desirable either.

The best way to write attractive titles all the time is to “steal” the headlines from others. You do not have to worry about your conscience. I’m sure you’ve been stolen from many people. I personally have stolen the content of my blog more than once and put it – as it is – in cheap forums, without my knowledge and without permission.

Now .. Go to the most exciting titles in the subject you intend to write it .. Copy it, paste it on the page you write in, modify it in accordance with the subject you will write .. Complete your topic .. Congratulations .. Now a good title was chosen The easiest and simplest way.

Do not copy and put it as it is, otherwise put yourself in the problems of theft and fraud, and punishment from Google can not be underestimated, but you can change it even if it is simple to bring a new address, and will be attractive as well .. Most professional bloggers do it .. Again do not make Your conscience hurts you.

7. Join the Circus

When I say “circus” I mean a group of people who already have successful blogs, and they are successful. There is no way to succeed better and faster than staying near those people who have failed many times and then rebound again distinctly successful, stronger than before.

Trust me .. Life is much shorter than losing it in learning the same mistakes that others have made before, to gain the same experience. All this boring work was preceded by others and done by those people better than you. Look for those people, find out where they are, join them, and make friends with them. The Internet community is much cleaner than ordinary human society, and you will inevitably find someone who offers you the spirit of free help. Even if you find it there is nothing to prevent you from buying experience. Others for money.

Linking to such networks is essential. Plan to attend a seminar, a workshop, or even a general Webinar will be held online. You will not be able to succeed on the Internet while you are in isolation from these communities.

You may want – or even ask me frankly – to share my story, but perhaps this is the secret mixture that you lack.

Do not hide in the shell of ignorance that you close to yourself. Get out of your Copy My Cash Flow blog and make friends with communities that take care of the above.

Go outside the internet and join the entrepreneurs who work in the same tranche. In fact, you can do a lot more off the Internet than what is known, and also effectively, and you can even start your first online success through the local companies in your home .. Believe me .. This is guaranteed to the maximum.

Make me a favor ….
I wrote my heart’s summary in this post .. I think it’s one of the best blog posts ever written .. Do not you think so? All I just ask you to do is Twitter them, share them via Facebook, and put an interactive comment down.

Until that time – in which you do this to me – I’ll be nearby, I’ll eat my hot meal with coffee .. Do not you like my participation?

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