What is eCommerce? – Definition, Types, Advantages 2018!

In this age of digital expansion of the Internet, the concept of e-commerce, which offers many advantages, has become popular. For businessmen, it is possible to avoid the inconvenience of travel to meet their partners and customers, and they can reduce the time and money to promote their goods and display them on the market. Customers do not have to move a lot to get what they want, stand in a long queue, or even use traditional money. It’s enough to have a computer, an Internet browser, and an Internet connection.

E-commerce, as some think, is not about buying and selling goods and services over the Internet. E-commerce – since its inception – has always included the processing of sales and purchase movements and the transmission of money via the Internet, There is much more to it. It has expanded to include the buying and selling of the same information along with goods and services, and e-commerce does not stop there. The prospects for e-commerce for companies, institutions and individuals do not stop at the limit .

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce 7 Figure Cycle is a system that allows online movements of goods and services and information, as well as electronic movements that support the generation of returns such as the promotion of demand for those goods, services and information, as e-commerce offers online sales support operations and customer service. Electronic commerce can be likened to an electronic marketplace where sellers (suppliers, companies or shops), intermediaries and buyers communicate, offering products and services in virtual or digital form, and paying for electronic money.

E-commerce activities can be divided into two main parts:

– Business-to-consumer e-commerce, referred to as B2C, which represents trade between companies on the one hand and individual customers on the other.

– Business-to-business e-commerce, referred to as the B2B symbol, which represents e-commerce between companies.

What are the benefits of e-commerce?

E-commerce offers many advantages that companies can benefit greatly, including but not limited to:

More effective marketing, and more profits: The adoption of companies in the Internet in marketing, allows them to display their products and services in different parts of the world without interruption – all day and all day of the year – which gives these companies a greater opportunity to profit as well as reach more customers .

Reducing company expenses: Preparing and maintaining e-commerce sites is more economical than retail or office maintenance. Companies do not need to spend heavily on promotional items, or install expensive equipment for customer service. The 7 Figure Cycle company does not seem to need to use a large number of staff to carry out inventory and administrative work. Online databases maintain the date of sales and customer names. This enables a single person to retrieve information in the database to check the dates of sales.

Communicate effectively with partners and customers: Fold e-commerce distances and cross borders, providing an effective way to share information with partners. E-commerce provides a good opportunity for companies to benefit from the goods and services provided by other companies (ie suppliers), called e-commerce from companies to businesses.

what benefits do the customers reap from e-commerce?

Saving time and effort: e-market is open continuously (all day and without any holiday), and customers do not need to travel or wait in line to buy a particular product, nor do they have to move the product home. Buying a product does not require more than clicking the product, entering some information about the credit card or transferring the amount from the customer’s account to the beneficiary’s account through a local bank. In addition to credit cards there are many appropriate payment systems such as electronic money (E-money).

Choice of choice: 7 Figure Cycle Review E-commerce offers a great opportunity to visit various types of shops online, and in addition, it provides customers with full product information. And it is all done without any pressure from vendors.

Price reduction: Many online companies sell goods at lower prices compared to traditional stores, because online shopping saves a lot of the costs spent in regular shopping, which is in the interest of customers.

User satisfaction: The Internet provides direct interactive communication, enabling e-market companies to take advantage of these features to respond to customer inquiries quickly, providing better customer service and satisfaction.

How Do I Find A Good SEO Specialist?

How Do I Find A Good SEO Specialist? If you are looking for a SEO expert, or want to know how to know the SEO expert for the job and the online marketing tasks of your 7 Figure Cycle Login website, your project or your company, or you want to learn SEO and be expert, here are tips and important information about the experts In cyo and what are their tasks required?

In the beginning, let me clarify the difference between a cyo expert and an e-marketer?

Expert SEO is a person who is proficient in managing all types of websites (personal site, company website, web shop, special programming site). It also enables you to appear in Google in the desired local format, which helps increase customers and sales, And what distinguishes the expert Seo ability to make your site appear in the first pages in Google on the keywords searched by visitors in Google. SEO Expert

E-Marketer: It can be said that a person is an electronic marketer when he can carry out advertising campaigns and marketing products and services in all ways. Therefore, the functions of the professional e-marketer is to be good in the seo as well. Hence the concept of e-marketing is more comprehensive than the lack of archiving sites that are the specialty of an expert. Sioux.

7 Figure Cycle
7 Figure Cycle Results

Professional SEO Expert

Is an important person to increase the number of customers or sales or visitors to your site from the search engines such as Google search engine, it is the responsibility of the site of az and the development of plans and strategies related to the Sei to appear your site well in the search engines and the front page on the keywords targeted predetermined between The parties.

As well as the functions of the responsible for the Siu management of the problems related to the hosting of the site, and the installation of additions and make adjustments in the site, and expert Sioux boy is a good experience in some programming languages ​​css, html, java .. etc., To have a good background in Alfotoshob because it may need to make some minor adjustments in the images and configured correctly for search engines also.

How do you know a SiO specialist? Is he a novice expert?

A SEO expert is a person who runs more than one site for his or her clients. Therefore, you must have conclusive evidence of your ability to make your site top the first results in the search engines. Here is a piece of evidence, not a single guide. Accidentally. So questions about the sites or results held by Google as well as the number of keywords that show the number 1 on the front page.

Of course, there are secrets and other information, if you talk about it will not understand what is meant by you are not specialized in this area and want to only look for information on how to choose a SEO expert to manage your site, and the most important information is whether it uses Black Hat Seo and crooked and temporary ways to appear in The first results of the search engines, so you contract with that holds those words and ensure that these words remain on the front page for more than a year, as long as there has been a big change and sudden in the policies of Google or periodic updates Google may not be the income.

Note: Ask for local SEO if you are targeting specific country clients such as “Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Turkey” is very important if you do not benefit visitors coming from a non-targeted country.

The marketing of Siyo is of course one of the best and most important methods of free e-marketing other than marketing on the sites of media is important also knowing that some sites Media Media also need to SEO, such as “Facebook – Twitter – Linked to” exclusively because of their importance in attracting a large segment of Target customers accurately.

What distinguishes seo experts from others is that they are the best marketing methods that they have to do with Copy Writing, where they have the ability to write good content that is searchable and optimized for SEO.

Expert specification of Sioux player in points?

1 – Fluent in site management and a great experience in all types of content management platforms.

2- Has previous works and has a good reputation in the marketing center.

3 – It is preferable to study the administration because to manage part of the Sioux.

4- Fluent in English and Photoshop.

5 – He will have what is provided to you for free in return for the request for his service.

6 – Can work on advertising campaigns on all sites Media Media.

7 – have extensive relationships in other areas with the designers of sites, graphic designers, marketers like … etc